Secure and open election systems, for the people, by the people.

Elections belong to the people. We believe in verifiable, transparent processes that give voters the confidence and knowledge that each person's vote is counted as it was cast. The infrastructure for our elections must be owned by the people that vote in them. We are building a 100% open source election system — not in a vacuum, but in public, with your help and input. Please join our mission. Contact us to find out how you can help change the world by building this movement to secure our elections and bring trust back to our democracy.

Our team.

Brian J. Fox

Brian is a technologist who was the first employee of the Free Software Foundation. Brian has written software in wide use today, including the Bash shell. Brian developed the "Venture Technology" model of investment, and has founded several companies, include Orchid Labs. Brian's Okori Group created a complete end-to-end election system in 2008. Brian's primary role at OSES is that of CTO.

David Henkel-Wallace

David's work in open source started in the 80s, from writing software to creating the LGPL. David has founded many successful businesses, including the first open source software company in the world, Cygnus, where he developed the 'fork and manage with a steering committee' model that is now the de-facto standard for open source development. David's primary role at OSES is that of CEO.

Alexander Kehaya

Alex is an accomplished entrepreneur, investor, and educator with deep experience in startup investment, acceleration, and growth as a partner, angel investor, and advisor to diverse businesses. Passionate about social impact businesses capable of driving change at the intersection of privacy, democracy, education, human rights, and technology. Proven leader with a track record of success navigating adversity and challenging environments. Alex’s primary role at OSES is that of head of business development and partnerships.

Our advisors.

Tim Mayer

Tim Mayer is CEO of a business services company in San Francisco. He began his voter advocacy work in 2006. He has met with numerous county registrars.

Carolyn Fowler

Active in the elections community, Ms. Fowler is Boot Camp Chair for the California Democratic Party’s Women’s Caucus encouraging more women to seek appointments and run for elected office.

Brent Turner

Mr. Turner was instrumental in the creation of the San Francisco County Voting Systems Task Force and has been a director of communications for Open Voting Consortium.

Dr. Juan Gilbert

Distinguished Associate Professor, Auburn University- Clemson University- University of Florida. Gilbert was awarded the first Presidential Endowed Chair at Clemson University on November 9, 2012.

Bob J. Nash

Bob has over 40 years of experience in the areas of public management, development finance, philanthropy, community development banking, economic development, public policy, housing, crisis management, and recruitment of managers.